Nentir Vale of Wekiva

The Story... So Far

On Sunday, the kids got together and formed their party. Halt the Human Hunter, Zerron the Half-Elf Warpriest and Donn the Human Ranger were born. A yet-unnamed Dragonborn Cavilier will be joining the group later (now known as Xanhorn Goldheart thanks to the name generator). Everyone seemed quite happy with the choices and despite the lack of wizard magic they seem to have a decent party. I took a couple of them thru the solo adventure as a one-on-one adventure (loosely) just to give them an idea of how the game worked.

Monday, the three adventurers above started The Twisting Halls with the fourth tagging along as a NPC. A lot of questions were asked but the game went well. The party made it through the Crossroads encounter fairly easily and we had just started the first encounter inside the Halls themselves when we had to break for the night.

Tuesday the party continued the fight as our fourth player came into the fold to play his Dragonborn. The fight was a brutal battle and the kids had a great time even though we almost had a TPK in the encounter (ooops!). As luck would have it, the ranger was able to slay the last beast before all was lost.

Our band of adventurers then met up with the kobolds, and they elected to use diplomacy (!) instead of just immediately fighting. The kobolds brought them to the dragon of the caves and there they were barely able to escpae with their lives by brokering a deal to find the dragon treasure and clear the caves of the goblins and the human that controlled them. The warpriest (playing well in character!) almost blew the deal the hunter had made by refusing to swallow his own pride and give some respect to the dragon. However the rest of the group was able to temper him just enough to keep the bargain. THAT was a fun conversation!



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